Welcome to the first S in our MESS, Small Groups. There are several different types of small groups you can be involved in, each with a little different angle and purpose. All are designed to “Connect People and Elevate Lives”. Some are for a specific number of weeks while others meet once a week, once a month or at some other periodic basis. This is one of our primary ways for people to connect with others in truly caring and meaningful relationships. Check out the various types of Small Groups. There is one for you.


Each Sunday at 9:15 & 10:45 AM our Education Hour takes place featuring topical classes, age specific classes, Discipleship Classes and much more. Sunday School for children ages 0 – 17 with age specific curriculum, activities and classrooms. Each Sunday School class is a small group by itself. Also, taught in a small group environment are our Adult Bible Fellowship classes. These classes meet during the Sunday Education Hour and are all uniquely structured classes. These “ABF” classes are either set-up to focus on age or station of life. ABF’s begin at age 18. Many of the classes are topical classes focused on a particular topic. During Sunday School and ABF hour classes each facilitator encourages group discussion on the current topic or study. Education Hour is a great way for you to get connected and elevate your life.

Discipleship Classes meet for a 7 week period. There is a set of 5 courses, beginning with First Things First. Each leads a small number of people on a pathway of Discipleship through a study of the beatitudes. These are a bit demanding and require a commitment from each person involved. There is a small fee for each course and daily home study required. While commitment is necessary, these courses help the Believer develop Godliness in Character and an understanding of their own gifts and talents. The results are worth the effort. For a list of current classes offered click here

Care Cells

These Small Groups meet in various locations, but primarily in homes. Care Cells are primary to us. These groups study the Bible. They all read a couple verses each day, write down what the verses mean to them and come to their weekly meeting ready to discuss that week’s scriptures. There is food, lots of fellowship and times of supportive prayer.  Current Care Cell groups are:


In the Fireside Room

6:00 Sunday evenings



13330 LaVista, 78216

6:00 Sunday evenings





Various Locations

6:00 Thursday evenings

210-268-6052 (cell)

210-496-6052 (home)

Interest Groups

These Small Groups meet periodically around a common interest, hobby or activity. While time is spent doing the particular interest, time is always taken for prayer and devotions. These groups are a great way to “Connect” with other Christians with a same interest as you. These groups are just beginning and will increase in number with time. For now there are three: Scrap Booking; Mountain Biking; Outdoor Fellowship (Hunting and Fishing).

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Our Men’s Ministry is currently being revamped. Check back later for some exciting changes coming!.


Ladies First is the women’s ministry at San Antonio First Assembly of God. Ladies First is all about women building relationships with one another while building each individual’s relationship with God.
Twice a year Ladies First hosts a 6- 8 week Bible Study on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings (child care available). During these weeks our ladies walk through a study tailored specifically for women. These studies focus on spiritual growth, situations, issues, problems and becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. The Bible describes in Proverbs 31 the characteristcs, traits and habits of a strong Godly woman, that we all are striving to become.

Ladies First also gather’s for special events, conferences, retreats and so much more. The women of ladies first are of all ages and walks of life, but all striving together to be the best: women, mother’s, grandmother’s, wives, daughters, granddaughters, employees that they can be. Having a group like Ladies First makes the journey so much better as each learn from the instruction in The Bible, the lives of other women and the support, love and encouragement from each other. There is a place for you in Ladies First, every woman is welcome. Let us journey with you on your path to becoming all that

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